Through the years



At it's heart, Donna Bell's is a celebration of friends and family. Many of the daily customers of the neighborhood are known by name. People are impressed by the creations that are baked in such a little kitchen, all handmade and fresh, just like you are home!

A special gift from Pauley is a painting from her mom, Donna Bell, that hangs on the wall at the shop. When visiting New York, Pauley will surprise everyone and visit, working alongside her friends and having fun at the shop. Darren and Matthew are not only owners, but the daily operators. When you visit go and have a fun chat with Darren as he runs the counter, going above and beyond to make sure every customer receives a friendly, memorable experience. Take a peek into the kitchen and watch Matthew baking and creating new recipes for you to enjoy and savor. We love your stories and feedback. Stop by and say hi!


Donna Bell's Bake Shop specializes in homemade southern baked goods, desserts and savories and is owned by actress Pauley Perrette (Abby, NCIS, CBS) and her two best friends Darren Greenblatt and Matthew Sandusky.

The three friends opened the bake-shop in the heart of The Theatre District / Hell's Kitchen, the neighborhood where Pauley and Darren met 20 years ago and now Matthew lives.

Donna Bell's Bake Shop is named after Pauley's mother and she is the inspiration for everything Matthew and his team of bakers create.